What is exercise and what does it mean?

Exercise is anything that gets you moving and active. It includes formal exercise such as a gym class, lifting weights or going for a jog. Exercise also occurs in everyday activities (known as incidental exercise) such as vacuuming, taking the stairs instead of the lift and walking or riding to work or school. Physiotherapists recommend some form of exercise as a key component in any treatment process.

Why exercise?

Michael at our Manjimup Physiotherapy clinic can demonstrate the well established benefits of exercise in maintaining your health and preventing disease. They include:

Michael is an expert in exercise prescription for both the fit, healthy person who requires specific fitness and injury prevention advice, and for the injured or disabled person who has specific needs and considerations. We will be happy to discuss these in detail with you. Please call  Manjimup Physiotherapy on 08 97771048 or visit our clinic at 25 Mount Street in Manjimup for more information.

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