Painful shoulder conditions that limit movement are very common and are caused by injuries affecting the shoulder joint, muscles, tendons, ligaments and cartilage.

Since the nerves that supply the shoulder and arm originate from the neck and upper spine, conditions such as Vertebral Dysfunction commonly contribute to pain in the shoulder.

Mike Christofis may be able to assist with the following shoulder conditions:
•Frozen Shoulder
•Chronic Shoulder Pain and Stiffness
•Shoulder Muscle Spasm and Tension
•Arthritis of the Shoulder
•Diagnosis of Shoulder Pain
•Rotator Cuff Disorders such as tears and strains
•Impingement Syndrome
•AC Joint Injury

In order to determine the cause of pain, a full physical, orthopaedic and neurological examination of the shoulder, cervical and thoracic spine will be done. You may be asked to perform shoulder range of motion and muscle strength tests. Where the pain is felt, both at rest and during movement of the shoulder, provides important clues as to the cause of the shoulder pain. It may also be necessary to undergo specialised diagnostic tests such as X-Ray, Ultrasound and/or MRI scans.

Signs of shoulder injury may include restriction in the movements of the shoulder.

Michael uses state of the art technology with a Radial Pulse Wave (RPW) machine.  This treatment is highly sought after and has excellent results with shoulder pain.

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